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COM ₹599 ₹699 ₹699 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
NET ₹750 ₹750 ₹750 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
ORG ₹790 ₹790 ₹790 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
IN ₹499 ₹499 ₹499 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
BIZ ₹650 ₹650 ₹650 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
AERO ₹1800 ₹1800 ₹1800 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
AE ₹2800 ₹2800 ₹2800 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
CLUB ₹650 ₹650 ₹650 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
IS ₹3500 ₹3500 ₹3500 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
US ₹550 ₹550 ₹550 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
EDU ₹2800 ₹2800 ₹2800 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
ROCKS ₹3000 ₹3000 ₹3000 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
FUND ₹3000 ₹3000 ₹3000 1-10 yrs 5 days 30 days
CASH ₹3000 ₹3000 ₹3000 1-10 yrs 15 days 90 days

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Domain Names FAQ

A website is the key to doing business around the world. But without a memorable web address - a.k.a. domain name - customers may have a hard time finding you or remembering how to get back to your site. Finding the right name is as easy as doing a domain check at xozz. Just enter the domain you want in the box at the top of this page and we'll let you know if it's available to be registered. But xozz isn't just about domain names. We've got everything you need to get online. From building your website to attracting new customers to securing their data when they make a purchase, has you covered.

Your domain name is arguably the most important part of your online presence and it all starts with a domain name search. Within seconds we'll tell you not only if that name's available, but suggest others you might not have thought of - from standards like .com and .net to new domains like .club, .guru and many others

Our award-winning customer care consultants are available via livechat, email and the web 24/7/365. They're trained to help with whatever you need, from choosing the right domain name to any technical issues you may have. Whether you're just getting started or are already a pro, we've got answers.

Maximum 7 days our expert techinical team would help you to transfer the domain from existing provider to xozz

You could contact our live chat support team they could help you to move the domain from refusing registrar.

Yes we register all types of domain at xozz